Motor Vehicles

GISD Transportation Services

Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) operates a fleet of 214 transportation vehicles.173 buses provide transportation for constituent district and GISD center-based students. Various other vehicles are used for student transportation and maintenance. Key highlights of GISD's Transportation Services program include the consortium arrangements that help increase efficiency and maximize resources for local districts.

Specialized Transportation Consortium

All 21 constituent districts fully participate in the Specialized Transportation Consortium and have experienced cost savings. The participating districts benefit from the economy of scale achieved through a consortium. Since 1997, the districts have saved nearly $85 million dollars. Currently, there is fleet of 114 buses that travel 2 million miles annually. GISD has purchased 157 buses since the onset of the program at a total of $12.3 million without costs to the local districts.

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee conducts an annual Specialized Transportation Consortium satisfaction survey of the parents of GISD’s special needs students. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the parents have consistently given GISD's Transportation Services department grades of A and B.

GASC Transportation Consortium

2015-2016 concluded the 12th year for the Genesee Career Institute Transportation Consortium with a total of 20 participating districts. The Genesee County Superintendents Association commissioned several committees to work on cost-saving measures for the local districts. That effort led to the implementation of the consortium at the direction of the association. This partnership consortium is managed jointly between the participating districts and GISD.

Since it began, the consortium has saved local districts $15.8 million. GISD has purchased 28 buses since the onset of the program at a total of $1.88 million without cost to the local districts. Currently, there are 13 routes with buses that cover 400,000 miles annually.

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