Collaborative and Shared Services

AA035943 - COLLABORATION.jpgGISD's Collaborative and Shared Services provides practical and economical business, technology, and operational solutions that help build efficiencies for local units of government and nonprofit organizations.

Funding for public schools in Michigan has been on the decline for years. In response, GISD has instituted various shared and collaborative service programs and partnerships that have resulted in millions of dollars of public funds being saved. Like school districts, local units of government have also experienced a significant decline in revenue as a result of deteriorating taxable values and slashed State Revenue Sharing. Consequently, local units of government are also seeking ways to save public funds.

Through the utilization of collaborations, consortia, partnerships, and economies of scale, the following GISD Collaborative and Shared Services programs can help schools, local units of government, and nonprofit organizations as they seek to share resources and build efficiencies. 

Services available to schools, local units of government, and nonprofit organizations

   Shared Business Services

   Shared Communications Services
   Shared Energy Management Services
   Shared Human Resources and Operations Services
   Shared Professional Development Services
   Shared Technical Services
   Shared Transportation Services

GISD also has a history of successful, cost saving partnerships that save school districts money, such as:

For More Information
For more information about how GISD's Collaborative and Shared Services can help build efficiencies in your district or unit of government, or for information about GISD's many other ongoing collaborations, please contact Superintendent Lisa A. Hagel at (810) 591-4402.