Telling Our Story

Each organization has a story to tell. Its history, services and products, and role in the community are all elements uniquely shaped by the people inside it. The same is true at GISD.

We have a collective story at GISD. It's over 50 years in the making and includes the experiences of countless educators, parents, students, and community partners. Our story is a vibrant combination of passionate, dedicated, and skilled professionals who have all focused on doing good things for children and families.

There are stories about GISD staff members doing amazing work for students and families in our community. There are stories of selfless service wherein staff members go above and beyond what is expected. There are stories of courage and compassion. There are stories of leadership and doing the right thing for kids. These are the stories that embody the true commitment of the staff members working at GISD.

At its core, education is a human experience. The people involved in this noble profession are as unique and diverse as the students they teach. Their individual stories and experiences are what make the collective GISD Story so special.

Our organization is proud of its service and success, and the people who make them possible. So much so, we felt it was important to capture those stories and share them with our community. Please enjoy the videos below, which serve as just a few examples of how staff members demonstrate GISD’s mission of leadership, service, and innovation – every day!

Story of Dedication.jpg      Story of Giving.jpg      Story of Compassion(3).jpg  

Story of Opportunity.jpg      A Story of Transformation      A Story of Purpose

Check back often for additional chapters of the GISD story!