VEI Entrepreneur.jpgVirtual Enterprises International (VEI) Entrepreneur

This program replicates all the functions of a real business in both structure and practice. Students create and manage a virtual business from product development, production and distribution, to marketing and sales, human resources, accounting/finances, and web design. This is an in-school business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project based learning, and the development of 21st century entrepreneur skills. Returning second-year students will have the opportunity to engage at a deeper level of entrepreneurship understanding, improve competence and skills required in the workplace, and assess their own performance along the way. This course engages students in higher-order thinking by challenging them with practical career-based problems in entrepreneurship. Students will develop a portfolio, business plan, and presentation and participate in work based learning experiences, research, and Distributive Education Clubs of America competitions

Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) Sports and Entertainment Marketing

This in-school business simulation creates a corporation with a sport or entertainment themed business plan. Students will: jointly determine a product mix; explore cost, profit, pricing; research a view of their competition and the market; and participate in a project based learning experience from idea concept to finished product. Students interested in owning their own company, as well as those who have had marketing or accounting courses, are strongly encouraged to enroll.

Contact your high school counselor to apply!