Early Childhood

GISD’s Center for Countywide Programs provides early childhood services staff to deliver student services, and assist local district staff and families in the following program areas:    

Enroll your child now in free preschool, call 591-KIDSGreat Start Readiness Program and Head Start

The Great Start Readiness Program and Head Start are state or federally funded preschool programs for Genesee County children who meet eligibility requirements.

All GISD preschool programs are of the highest quality, and utilize a research-based curriculum in a supportive learning environment to assist children with the development of the skills needed to be ready for school.

Go to www.geneseepreschool.org to enroll your child. Call (810) 591-KIDS for more information or questions about GISD preschool programs.

SKIP to a Great Start

The SKIP to a Great Start program is a developmental support network for Genesee County parents with children ages 0-5. Services focus on parent involvement, early childhood education, literacy development, school readiness, and nutrition education.  

Genesee County Great Start Collaborative

The Genesee County Great Start Collaborative and Parent Coalition is an initiative designed to strengthen the early childhood infrastructure in Genesee County. The efforts of the Great Start Collaborative include:
  • Convening a collaborative of 30 community agencies and parents
  • Parent empowerment and advocacy through the Great Start Parent Coalition
  • Child care referral, and training for providers through Great Start Connect
  • Development of cross-agency partnerships to improve family access to, and the quality of, the services provided
  • Development of funding streams to increase the number of services for families with young children  

Additional Information

For more information about the programs of Early Childhood and Parenting, contact GISD’s Center for Countywide Programs at (810 591-5603.