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GISD’s Center for Countywide Programs provides school health consultants to assist local district staff and students in the following areas:

Whole Child/Coordinated School Health Service
CDC Whole Child

Community Involvement

Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

Employee Wellness

Family Engagement

Health Education         

  • Alcohol/Drug education and prevention    
  • Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education
  • Sexuality education and HIV/AIDS education
  • Professional development, training, and workshops

Health Services

Nutrition Environment and Services
  • Smart Snacks

Physical Education and Physical Activity
  • Physical education resources and curriculum
  • Professional development, training, and workshops

Physical Environment
Social and Emotional Climate
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Bullying Awareness/Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention Task Force

Additional Information 

For more information about Whole Child/Coordinated School Health Services and Programs contact the Center for Countywide Programs at (810) 591-5603.