Genesee Career Institute

Malik SpencerMalik Spencer

Grade 12
Teacher: Ms. Dawn Bright
Program: Diagnostic Services – Forensic Laboratory Science

Malik works very hard to maintain high academic standards and fully participate in team sports. He has demonstrated leadership qualities as the lead investigator of his crime team when processing and entire mock crime scene from start to finish. He strives for high academic excellence in every project and laboratory he participate in. Malik also offers to help other students and fully participates with his team members. He plans on becoming a police officer after he earns his degree. His honest and caring qualities will benefit society in this career field. He has successfully completed work experience at the Genesee County Morgue, Metro Police Stations, and McLaren Hospital Laboratory. He has achieved certifications in the following areas: CPR, First Aid, HIPAA Confidentiality, OSHA health and Safety Training, and 10 FEMA Training Certificates. Malik definitely deserves to be one of Genesee County’s “Best of the Best”.