Ligon Outdoor Center


The Ligon Outdoor Center is located at 5213 East Farrand Road in northeastern Genesee County, Michigan. The property is home to numerous natural aspects that make it an especially intriguing location to experience. There is a 4.5-acre spring-fed glacial lake, a ten-acre wetland, an esker formation of glacial deposits, a stone quarry, and a generous cross-section of trees, wildflowers, and animal life.

The property provides outdoor education and passive recreation opportunities for students and educators in the Genesee and Lapeer Intermediate School Districts. Ligon’s 268-acres of nearly pristine land provides teachers and students a natural setting to engage in various teaching and learning techniques. Community organizations can also use Ligon for retreats, conferences, and special events. The Conference Center at Ligon has Internet access and distance learning capabilities.

Whether you want to participate in an educational activity, enjoy a retreat with colleagues, or embrace nature, the property and facilities can accommodate groups of any size during any season of the year.

Lessons from Ligon

Join Ligon Outdoor Center Ranger Jason as he brings Lessons from Ligon to you at home and school! His videos explore many different topics and activities related to nature and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Lessons from Ligon video playlist.


Ligon's wide variety of trees, wildflowers, and abundant animal life, in conjunction with the lake and a 10-acre wetland, provide the perfect setting for out-of-classroom learning. Many organized events occur at the Ligon Outdoor Center during the year. Available activities include, but are not limited to, those listed below.

Elementary Programs

  • A Seed’s Journey
  • Shadow and Light
  • Can Trees Breathe?
  • Finding My Way in the Forest
  • Finding Locations in the Forest
  • Sorting and Classifying Nature
  • Are You Predator or Prey (Owl Pellets)
  • Snowshoeing
  • Survival Skills
  • The Life of a Pond

Middle and High School Programs

  • Reach to the Top of the Tree
  • What’s Crawling Under Your Feet?
  • What Else is Crawling Under Your Feet?
  • Field Biologist Contest
  • Fun with Fungi
  • Create a Map of Nature
  • Down to the Roots
  • Making Room for Another Tree
  • Snowshoeing
  • Survival Skills
  • What is Watershed?
  • The Life of a Pond

For More Information

For information on the Ligon Outdoor Center, contact Ranger Jason Bentley at (810) 560-2187. Visits may also be scheduled online or call (810) 591-4487 with questions.

Ligon Outdoor Center is located at:
5213 East Farrand Road
Clio, MI 48420