Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

This Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) program provides access to resources tailored to meet the needs of individual districts, buildings, and teachers related to research, evaluation, and assessment. Services include:

  • Providing Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) coordination, data interpretation, and item analysis workshops
  • Providing evaluation services for a variety of programs and projects, including:
    • Data 4SS
    • Math/Science Partnership Grant
    • Project SKIP
    • Project TAP
    • Regional Data Initiative (RDI) Grant
    • Safe and Drug Free Schools
  • Providing statistical analyses and reports
  • Providing survey development, administration, scoring services, and reporting
  • Providing support for the state- and federal-level accountability reporting requirements (e.g., EdYES! and Adequate Yearly Progress)
  • Participating on state-level committees relating to accreditation, MEAP test development, and web-based reporting

For More Information

For more information about GISD's Research, Evaluation,and Assessment services, please contact Dr. David Treder, Coordinator, at (810) 591-4971 or [email protected].