Desiree’ PearsonDesiree’ Pearson

Grade 12
Teacher: Mr. Tom Klee
Program: Business Management & Administration – Virtual Enterprise

Desiree’ Pearson is a Carman Ainsworth senior enrolled in the Business & Marketing programs. She is the daughter of Jaysa Rawls and granddaughter of Dwayne Jones. She is in the advanced Business Management course and is the financial officer of the Virtual Enterprise clothing business. Desiree’ also challenges herself by taking AP Biology, AP English, Accelerated Algebra 2, Introduction to Calculus, and Marketing classes. She is in the Work Based Learning program as well and is employed by ELGA Credit Union in downtown Flint, where she works as a bank teller. She is also teaching herself Chinese Mandarin – a language she foresees using in her future career plans.

Desiree’ has a 3.995 grade point average and successfully balances her academics with her work, and many extracurricular activities. She is the secretary for the Student Council executive board, the treasurer for DECA, and Linkleader mentor to several freshmen. In addition, she is active in National Honor Society and is a former JV soccer player. Desiree’ has been accepted to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she plans to study International Business.