MaliQue ForwardMaliQue Forward

Grade 12
Teacher: Ms. Melissa Phillips
Program: Therapeutic Services – Advanced Sports Medicine

I have enjoyed getting to know MaliQue over the last two years as a student in my sports medicine program. He has been studious and eager to learn the sports medicine concepts. He has taken an active role in his education and done independent study on various topics that are of interest to him, especially researching his own injuries, and returning to class to ask clarifying questions about the information he has been learning from this research. MaliQue has been able to obtain a deeper understanding of sports medicine by true experiential learning as he applies the concepts he learned in sports medicine class to the injury he sustained while playing football this past fall. While it is always unfortunate when my student-athletes experience an injury, it does enhance their learning when they have an experience of their own, or witness an injury of a teammate. I was able to experience this light bulb moment this year with MaliQue, as we discussed the injury he sustained and the independent research he did to have a clearer understanding of the healing process.

MaliQue has also been able to utilize his prior knowledge and experience of being an athlete that participates in regular weight training as he has been able to do work based learning in the GCI Training Facility. With the classroom curriculum, MaliQue’s prior knowledge of weight training strategies, and the experience training the JROTC and Public Safety students, MaliQue has gained valuable experience that he can carry with him as he pursues a career in the field of sports medicine.

MaliQue is a young man that has an exponential amount of potential. He already possesses many skills that will be transferable into the real world such as communication, passion, and leadership. MaliQue’s leadership skills helped him be an asset to our second year program and training the JROTC and Public Safety students, they shine as soon as they meet this young man. He will be without a doubt, one of the most successful graduates of the class of 2020 at Southwestern High School and the GCI Sports Medicine program. I am excited for his future and can’t wait to hear about the path he takes in the world of sports medicine.