Doree LincolnDoree Lincoln

Grade 12
Teacher: Ms. Melissa Phillips
Program: Health/Therapeutic Services – Sports Medicine

Doree represents the best of what we have to offer. She is a wonderful, kind, intelligent student with a very bright future. We selected her because she not only meets but in many ways exceeds the criteria. What I respect most about Doree is that she is a positive and well-rounded individual. She tries to always be upbeat even when she is loaded down with school work, practice, National Honor Society activities and life.

Her extracurricular activities throughout high school have included volleyball, basketball, and National Honor Society. Her strengths are demonstrated in her level of involvement and the fact that she is well respected by her peers and the staff at LakeVille High School.

Doree’s willingness to work hard is one of her biggest assets and will help her be a successful student and a productive member of any organization. Her involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities, while achieving academic success at school, demonstrates her abilities and dedication to succeed in whatever she is doing.