Michigan Annual Transparency Report

Public Act 110 of 2010 - The State School Aid Act - added language that requires every school district in Michigan to post specific information on its website within 30 days after a board adopts its annual operating budget for the following school fiscal year, or after a board adopts a subsequent revision to that budget.

The information that is required to be posted includes:

  • A chart of personnel expenditures (including salaries, employee benefit costs, retirement benefit costs, and all other personnel costs)
  • A link to the current collective bargaining agreement for each bargaining unit
  • A link to each health care benefits plan offered to any bargaining unit or employee in the district
  • A link to the audit report for the most recent fiscal year
  • The total salary and description of benefits for the superintendent of the district and for each employee of the district whose salary exceeds $100,000
  • The annual amount spent on dues paid to associations
  • The annual amount spent on lobbying or lobbying services

It should be noted that while this section of law (MCL 388.1618(2)) is designed to provide transparency for certain financial areas of school operations, by no means does this information represent a comprehensive financial report. The data contained in this web-based report corresponds only to the selected information that is required by law. Further, the law acknowledges the existing reporting requirements for Intermediate School Districts and allows the data already posted in those reports to satisfy many of the items listed above. Where appropriate that information has been linked for the purpose of this report.

Annual Operating Budget

GISD's Annual Operating Budget

Personnel Expenditures

GISD's Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

GISD's Operating Expenditures

Current Collective Bargaining Agreements

All employees of the GISD are categorized by classification of position held. All classifications are established according to demands of the position, level of responsibility, job functions performed, credentials and skills required. Compensation packages take into account such factors as years of experience, the length of work assignment (full year/academic year), professional preparation, advanced degrees and/or comparisons to similar jobs.

The GISD Board of Education, the Genesee Intermediate Education Association (GIEA) and the Genesee Intermediate Educational Support Personnel Association (GIESPA) bargaining units take pride in the continued Win-Win spirit utilized in negotiating labor agreements. The agreements represent a commitment to excellence in education for the students and the constituent school districts in our service area.

This commitment to excellence was recognized when the bargaining units and the GISD Board were named Distinguished Winners of the 2000 NEA-Saturn/UAW Partnership Award. The Contract and Problem Solving Committee (CAPSC) is integral to the success of the Win-Win negotiations process. Representatives from administration and both bargaining units meet on a monthly basis, year-round in order to discuss issues and solve problems before they reach the grievance level. Because of the successful Win-Win work environment, GISD was able to maintain previous contracts via several extensions, and recently ratified new contracts with GIEA through 2022-2026 and GIESPA through 2022-2025.

GIEA Contract 2022-2026
GIESPA Contract 2022-2025

Health Care Benefits Plans

MESSA Choices $500/$1,000 - ME CH2
MESSA Choices $1,000/$2,000 - ME CH1
MESSA ABC Plan 1 $1,600/$3,200 - ME HSA1
MESSA ABC Plan 2 $2,000/$4,000 - ME HSA2
MESSA Balance+ $1,600/$3,200 - ME HSABAL+
ADN Dental 90% - GIEA
ADN Dental 50% - GIEA
ADN Dental 90% - GIESPA
ADN Dental 50% - GIESPA
ADN Dental 90% - Supervisory-Admin
ADN Dental 50% - Supervisory-Admin
EYEMED Summary of Benefits - GIEA
EYEMED Summary of Benefits - GIESPA
EYEMED Summary of Benefits - Supervisory-Admin

Audit Report

GISD's Annual Audit Report

Medical Benefit Plan Bids

Medical Benefit Plan Bids Information

Procurement Policy

GISD has established specific policies related to the purchase of supplies, materials, and equipment.
Policy 6320 - Purchasing
Policy 6440 - Cooperative Purchasing

Reimbursable Expenses

GISD has established specific policies related to the reimbursement of expenses by board members and staff.
Policy 6470 - Payment of Claims
Policy 6550 - Travel Payment and Reimbursement
Policy 6620 - Petty Cash
Policy 6670 - Trust and Agency

As required in the Michigan School Aid Act MCL 388.1618, the total amount of reimbursed expenses incurred by board members and employees of the district was $386,566.45 for Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

Compensation Information

GISD's Compensation Information

Lobbying Services

Michigan ISDs (or Regional Educational Service Agencies) were created by the legislature in 1962 to bring about quality and equitable educational opportunities to students and schools throughout the state. Because public education is funded and regulated by the state and federal government, it is necessary for ISDs to use some resources to fund activities that promote public accountability, research and government communications.

Because the GISD is publicly funded, it is responsible for communicating its programs and services to its constituent school districts and the community at large. It is also responsible for protecting the public's investment by securing appropriate legal counsel and legislative advocacy. Consequently, from time to time, GISD may consult with firms external to the organization to secure advice and assistance.

Lobbying Services Expenditures

GISD Services

GISD Support Services
GISD Collaborative and Shared Services
GISD Cost Saving Partnerships and Collaborations
GISD Student Data

Educator Evaluation System Postings and Assurances

As required by PA 173, MCL 380.1249 (3), the Genesee Intermediate School District provides the following postings and assurances regarding the Educator Evaluation processes and protocols used in the district:

Selected Teacher Evaluation Tool

Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching

Selected Administrator Evaluation Tools

MASA School Advance Administrator Evaluation Instrument

Superintendent Evaluation System Tool Information

Superintendent Evaluation Posting and Assurances