Expenditures Data

Administrative Costs

Administrative costs, as defined by the State of Michigan, include those expenditures related to activities performed by the Board of Education, activities associated with executive administration, and those performed by principals or others in the general supervision of building operations.

Communications Services

The Genesee Intermediate School District's organizational structure has established an office of Communications and Development that performs public relations and lobbying functions as defined by the State of Michigan.

Communications services are defined as activities concerned with writing, editing, and using other preparation methods necessary to disseminate educational and administrative information to pupils, staff, managers, or to the general public through direct mailing, the news media, or personal contact.

The table below lists the communications category, amount spent, and percent of budget.

Category Amount Percent of Budget
Administrative Costs $4,380,665.73 2.45%
Public Relations (1) $830,914.01 0.47%
Legal Services (2) $151,041.46 0.08%
Lobbying $55,542.31 0.03%
Surveys and Polling $0.00 0.00%

(1) This amount includes the public relations services noted in Public Relations, Legal, and Other Services.

(2) This amount correlates to the legal services noted in Public Relations, Legal, and Other Services.