All employees of the GISD are categorized by classification of position held. All classifications are established according to demands of the position, level of responsibility, job functions performed, credentials and skills required. Compensation packages take into account such factors as years of experience, the length of work assignment (full year/academic year), professional preparation, advanced degrees and/or comparisons to similar jobs.

The GISD Board of Education, the Genesee Intermediate Education Association (GIEA) and the Genesee Intermediate Educational Support Personnel Association (GIESPA) bargaining units take pride in the continued Win-Win spirit utilized in negotiating labor agreements. The agreements represent a commitment to excellence in education for the students and the constituent school districts in our service area.

This commitment to excellence was recognized when the bargaining units and the GISD Board were named Distinguished Winners of the 2000 NEA-Saturn/UAW Partnership Award. The Contract and Problem Solving Committee (CAPSC) is integral to the success of the Win-Win negotiations process. Representatives from administration and both bargaining units meet on a monthly basis, year-round in order to discuss issues and solve problems before they reach the grievance level. Because of the successful Win-Win work environment, GISD was able to maintain previous contracts via several extensions, and has ratified contracts with GIEA through 2020-2026 and GIESPA through 2022-2025.

GIEA Contract 2022-2026
GIESPA Agreement 2022-2025

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