Conference Expenses

Professional Development and Best Practice

Genesee Intermediate School District's (GISD's) mission of leadership, service, and innovation requires its staff to seek out best practices, gain state and national educational perspectives, and gather knowledge and skill levels that reflect the latest trends, innovations, and challenges. GISD trains and guides the experts - teachers, principals, and other staff - who interact with over 64,000 students that attend public and nonpublic schools. For this reason, GISD ensures, through Board Policy 3440 and operating procedures, a high degree of accountability by requiring review and approval of all travel.

GISD requires that any conference or travel reimbursement be noted for its purpose or circumstance. The following categories are used within GISD's accountability procedures:

  • Award recipient
  • Certification requirement
  • Conference presenter
  • Grant funded
  • Grant travel requirement
  • Professional development
  • Professional association responsibility

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