Guidelines for Competitive Bids

Each year the Michigan Department of Education defines what expenditures for remodeling, procurement of supplies, materials and equipment must be competitively bid by school districts. Sections 623a, 1267 and 1274 of the Revised School Code establish a base amount, above which competitive bids must be obtained, and provide for an increase in the base that corresponds with increases in the Consumer Price Index.

How Competitive Bids Work

When an item or project is competitively bid, a Request for Proposal (RPF) is developed to include the detailed bid specifications and the bidding requirements. Depending on the nature of the item or the project, vendors are notified in a variety of ways that an RFP has been issued. RFPs are advertised in the local newspaper, mailed to vendors, posted on Genesee Intermediate School District's (GISD's) website, and posted on the State of Michigan's website in compliance with Board Policy 6320 and 6321 and State Law.

Competitive bid responses are submitted, sealed, and opened by the superintendent's designee in the presence of at least one witness. A bid tally is completed at the opening. The bid responses are then reviewed and evaluated in accordance with board policy. The documentation for the bid is then reviewed with the appropriate board committee with a recommendation for approval. Pending approval by the Board of Education, the bid is then awarded.

Upon awarding the bid, the contracts are signed by the superintendent, deputy superintendent, or assistant superintendent of Business Services. All vendors submitting bids are notified of the bid award. GISD Board Policy 6440 also allows for purchasing from other collaborative bids with the governing body(ies) of other governmental units for the joint purchase of supplies, equipment, or services.

Professional Services Contracts

GISD provides a majority of its services to constituent school districts with the expertise of its internal staff. When there are requests for services that require expertise beyond GISD's existing capacity, professional services contracts are established with external vendors. In these instances, GISD is not required to post a bid to initiate these contracts.

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