Shawn Achor Helps GISD Kick Off New School Year

World’s Leading Happiness Expert Comes to Flint to Join GISD’s Kick Off to New School Year
Posted on 08/23/2018

Shawn Achor on stage speaking at GISD's 2018 Fall Workshop
Flint, Mich - As the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) prepares for an extraordinary 2018-2019 school year, GISD Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Hagel, is bringing in New York Times bestselling author and highly sought after researcher Shawn Achor, to address staff and community leaders. Achor is the winner of more than a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he has delivered lectures on positive psychology. The GISD began exploring the principles and implementing strategies of Achor’s Happiness Advantage research with employees two years ago, and next week they will get to hear from him in person.

“We are extremely excited to have Shawn Achor come spend time with GISD and speak with our staff as they embark on a new school year,” said Hagel. “His work has been tremendously impactful on both our organization and us as individuals. It has helped us maintain a positive mindset, practice gratitude, celebrate one another and strengthen a positive culture at GISD. It is a great reminder and instructional tool teaching all of us that maintaining a positive attitude can lead to people being more productive and successful. Our work is demanding, and at times emotionally draining, the focus on positivity allows us to be more resilient, and focus heavily on working together to be effective and better serve our students and districts.” 

The Genesee Intermediate School District conducts regular Happiness Advantage trainings where employees learn about Achor’s research on the connection between happiness and success, reaching our potential together, and increasing productivity and creativity. His teachings have been noted in the Harvard Business Review and at Yale University. Achor has also worked with several Fortune 100 companies, the White House and Oprah Winfrey.

“Our students and community deserve the very best we can give them and that starts with all of us who pride ourselves in Leadership, Service and Innovation across the county,” added Hagel. “We are certain this unique opportunity to hear from Achor first-hand will have a positive impact on our staff personally and will carry over into the classroom, the lunchroom, on school buses, and our work supporting educators across Genesee County, and the community as a whole.”  

Achor will address all current GISD employees at the district’s annual Fall Workshop Monday morning, August 27, 2018 at The Whiting Auditorium in Flint.