Public School Academy Authorization

Genesee Intermediate School District Charter School Application

The application is designed to serve as an initial application to the Genesee Intermediate School District Superintendent's Office pursuant to the Michigan School Code. It will be used by GISD to determine whether to invite an applicant to advance to a second phase application and review process.

The Phase One Charter Application form offers an opportunity for charter school founders to briefly outline their program components and objectives in short narrative form. If initial interest is expressed, then an applicant may undertake the more comprehensive, rigorous Phase Two application process.

To acquire the Phase One Charter Application form, call (810) 591-4403.

Genesee Intermediate School District Charter School Board Member Requirements

The Michigan Revised School Code requires an Authorizer of Public School Academies to adopt a resolution establishing the method of selection, length of term, and number of members of the Board of Directors for each school subject to its jurisdiction. The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Board of Education adopted such a resolution.

GISD requires by contract that the Public School Academies (PSA) it authorizes meet the following requirements:

  • The adoption of Articles of Incorporation providing for the establishment of a Board of Education;
  • A method of selection of its members, including a method by which candidates for membership are presented to GISD for approval;
  • Membership of a Board of Education be no less than five (5) members and no more than nine (9); and
  • All candidates, new and renewal, submit to a review process coordinated by GISD.

PSA Office Procedures and Deadlines

GISD will conduct a thorough due-diligence screening of each candidate, new and renewing, for membership to a school's Board of Education. This screening process consists of:

  1. Submission of a completed Application Form;
  2. Submission of a completed Background Verification Disclosure Form;
  3. Submission of a current Professional Resume;
  4. Completion of Criminal and Professional Background Checks;
  5. Completion of a personal interview; and
  6. Completion of a reference check, based on names provided in the Application Form.

To acquire the Board of Education Member Application form, call (810) 591-4403.

Candidates that successfully complete the screening process are then recommended to the Board of Education.