Fiber Optic and Cable Equipment

Genesee Network for Education Telecommunications (GenNET)

The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) and its 21 constituent public school districts own and operate the Genesee Network for Education Telecommunications (GenNET), which benefits students and the community. This high-capacity broadband network interconnects all public school districts in Genesee County, significantly improving the delivery of Internet, as well as instructional and administrative resources, while providing significant cost savings.

What GenNET Provides

GenNET is a voice, video, and data system connecting over 200 public school buildings with 435 miles of fiber optic cable. GenNET serves nearly 64,000 students with this system. Every day, it supports over 40,000 computers and over 5,000 telephones in Genesee County. High school interactive television courses are offered, and online courses are accessible to high school and middle school students. Students take online instruction and participate in virtual field trips, videoconferencing, and streamed video. All high school, middle school, and elementary buildings have videoconference capabilities.

GenNET is governed by a board comprised of the GISD superintendent and a superintendent from each constituent district. Through this collective leadership, synergy and system efficiency has evolved. Through a common platform, data for each district is housed, managed, and supported centrally. All districts have access to web-based products such as:

Cost Savings

The consortium significantly saves participating districts money by eliminating recurring costs for each district for phone bills, Internet service provider charges, and consortium priced products like anti-virus software and content filters.

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