GenNET ITV Shared Distance Learning Courses

GenNET shared distance learning courses are available to high school students across Michigan.
Instruction is provided to students using two-way interactive television (ITV) sites located in schools.
Videoconferencing technology allows students and instructors to interact in a dynamic classroom environment that enhances learning.

2018-19 GenNET ITV courses offered:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • American Sign Language I, II, and III
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • AP Calculus A/B
  • AP Calculus B/C
  • AP Psychology
  • Astronomy I
  • Black History Global Issues
  • Criminal Justice
  • French I
  • German I and II
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Meteorology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Survey of Theatre

GenNET ITV Benefits for Learners

  • Students are able to take classes that are not offered in their home school curriculum.
  • High school students may also take higher education courses offered by Flint-Area colleges and universities.
  • Students throughout the state can share the experience of highly qualified, fully certified teachers and college-level instructors.
  • Shared ITV courses qualify as an "online learning experience" credit for graduation.
  • Students experience and learn first-hand communication techniques to qualify them for future employment, including collaborations across the county.
  • Students have to opportunity to interact with and make new friends and colleagues throughout Michigan.
  • Students work with online learning management systems to maintain daily class connections if they are absent.
  • Students at receiving sites learn the responsibility of self-directed, student-centered learning.

For More Information

Students should contact the counselor or principal at their school. School principals or counselors should contact the GenNET ITV program at (810) 591-4436 or by email.