General Information Data

Efficient Budgeting

Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) is extremely proud of its fiscal efficiency and remains committed to the highest level of professionalism. Through the expertise of its staff and the quality of its programs and services, all of what GISD does impacts instruction, learning, productivity, and efficiency. The GISD budget is fully compliant with all governmental accounting standards. GISD is pleased that it received an excellent audit last year.

Budget Allocations

Over 68% of GISD's comprehensive budget is linked to direct student support services throughout the constituent districts. GISD staff account for 37% of GISD's annual budget; much lower than typical overhead associated with salaries and benefits in most organizations. More importantly, 61% of GISD's personnel costs are linked to direct student support services.

The remaining 39% of the comprehensive budget accounts for infrastructure and other GISD services vital for student support in Genesee County. Without the operational, business, payroll, and administrative support for the organization, all of the direct services to students could not be delivered effectively.

Cost-Cutting Initiatives

GISD has implemented many cost-cutting initiatives including:

  • Engaged in an energy program in consortium with six other districts to save over $10.3 million in energy costs to date
  • A common office platform that is in place in all GISD facilities
  • A special education transportation consortium and a career technical education transportation consortium that have saved Genesee County schools over $146 million and $30 million respectively, since implementation
  • Reorganization and reduction of administrative staff while maintaining and expanding services to students


Further, GISD is extremely proud of its grant procurement success. In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, GISD leveraged nearly $81 million from outside sources in addition to federal, state, and local government revenue. Grant revenue represents 37% of GISD's overall budget.


Reference FY 2022-2023
Constituent Districts, PSAs, Nonpublic Schools 58
ISD Employees 1,621
Pupil FTEs 60,079
Total Budget $178,589,788