Educational Development Plan

Career Planning

The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) is the statewide leader in career and educational development planning. High school course selection in Genesee County has moved to a more sophisticated level by using a web-based Educational Development Plan (EDP).

Beginning in seventh grade, the EDP program allows students to plan their high school classes according to the career pathway in which they have an interest. Each pathway includes:

  • Examples of specific careers
  • Fast-growing occupations
  • Levels of education required for careers
  • Personal characteristics related to success
  • Relevant courses in school

The information taught in each career pathway helps students see how school subjects relate to training beyond high school and the world of work. It also helps students examine their interests, abilities, and goals, and how these relate to their chosen career goals. By having this information available to them, students can then select courses that not only prepare them for high school graduation, but for additional education, training, and employment beyond high school.

Also, because it is web-based, students and parents can access the EDP from any computer or device with Internet access.

Web-Based Portfolios

With the electronic EDP, students can create a web-based portfolio that can include their:

  • Examples of school projects
  • Grade reports
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Pictures
  • Resume

This portfolio can then be shared electronically with college admissions officials, potential employers, and other audiences as determined by the student.

For More Information

For more information about the EDP, students may contact their high school counseling office or GISD at (810) 591-4500.