Win-Win at GISD

Win Win LogoWorking Together to Solve Problems

Win-Win, a process used by GISD staff and administrators, promotes working as a team. The process is used to successfully negotiate contracts and to solve everyday problems. Respect is a core component of the experience. Every opinion counts.

The Win-Win process is a central tenant of GISD's work culture. During the past several years, over 800 GISD staff members participated in training to learn about Win-Win and how it is used as an ongoing method to positively resolve problems throughout all levels of the organization.

The Win-Win process continually reflects on what is most important -- our students! This award-winning collaborative process has led to numerous positive outcomes for GISD students and staff. It sets us apart from other organizations.

The Goals of the Districtwide Win-Win Team are:

  • Expand the understanding of Win-Win.
  • Demonstrate how the process works.
  • Use the process to address concerns of any kind, in any setting.
  • Make the Win-Win process systemic throughout the organization.

For more information, or to share your ideas, contact the Win-Win Systemic Team via email at [email protected].