Genesee County Career & Technical Education Early Middle College

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About Our Program 

The Genesee County CTE Early Middle College is a three-year high school program designed to allow a student to explore and earn an associate degree, credentials, or transferable credit in a CTE Career Pathway while in high school. Students will begin blending high school coursework with college-level coursework in 11th grade, adding additional college courses in 12th grade, and completing a full schedule of college coursework in the 13th year by following a specific Program of Study.

A variety of Genesee County CTE Early Middle College programs are available through the Genesee Career Institute and local school districts. Students must apply during their 10th-grade year and commit to the 13th year of school. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year were due on March 14, 2022. Please contact us at (810) 591-3288 to inquire about openings.

Students in the Genesee County CTE Early Middle College receive support services to assist them in their transition from high school to college and will work closely with the Genesee County CTE Early Middle College Coordinator who will serve as a "success coach" as they progress through the program. In addition, students will still have access to their traditional high school support system as well as student support services provided by the colleges.