Genesee County Career & Technical Education Early Middle College

Group of smiling students, decorative background, and CTE early college log.

About Our Program 

The Genesee County CTE Early Middle College is a special three-year high school program. It helps students explore and earn an associate degree, credentials, or college credits in a specific career path while they're still in high school. In 11th grade, students start mixing high school classes with college-level ones, adding more college courses in 12th grade. They finish a full schedule of college classes in the 13th year by following a specific Program of Study.

You can find various programs through the Genesee Career Institute and local school districts. If you're in 10th grade, you can apply and commit to the 13th year of school. Applications for the 2024-2025 school year open in January 2024. For more information, call us at (810) 591-3288.

Students in this program get help transitioning from high school to college. The Genesee County CTE Early Middle College Coordinator acts as a "success coach" guiding them. They can also access support from their regular high school and the colleges they attend.