Advocacy for Public Education

Below are resources to help school board members, educators, parents, and community members be positive and influential advocates for public education.

National School Boards Association

Stand Up for Public Schools iconThe National School Boards Association (NSBA) views education as a civil right that is necessary to the dignity and freedom of the American people. Local school boards are the nation's pre-eminent expression of grassroots democracy.

Adequately funded, student-centered public schools will provide, in a safe and supportive environment, a comprehensive education for the whole child and will prepare all of America's children for a lifetime of learning in a diverse, democratic society and an interdependent global economy.

Find NSBA's Stand Up 4 Public Schools advocacy resources here.

Michigan Association of School Boards

Michigan Association of School Boards LogoThe Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) is a voluntary, nonprofit association of local and intermediate boards of education located throughout the State of Michigan. Its membership is comprised of 600+ public school boards of education.

Today, MASB is recognized as a major voice influencing education issues at the state level. Through its federation with the National School Boards Association, MASB and its members also have an impact at the national level.

Find MASB advocacy and legislation resources here.

Holding Public Officials Accountable

As advocates of public education, it is important to stay informed about the actions of public officials. Using various resources, you can find information on who is giving them money, what their priorities are, and how they are voting.