Early On® Genesee County

Our Program

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Early On® Genesee County provides free early intervention services for infants and toddlers, birth to three years of age, with developmental delay(s) and/or disabilities. Early On® Genesee County also supports parents and families so that they can address the unique needs of their eligible infants and toddlers and enhance their health, development, and learning.

If you have ever wondered if your child is reaching important milestones there is now an online tool that can help. Contact us for an interactive milestones chart for ages two months to five years.

Additional support services may be available for Flint children, birth to five, who are at risk of lead-related developmental delays. Click here for water and lead resources..

Any family, or physician or healthcare provider, in Genesee County concerned about the development or health of a child should contact Early On® Genesee County at (810) 591-KIDS.

Our Services

Early On® Genesee County services include:

Assistive technology Language development
Development of Individualized Family Service Plan Service coordination
Developmental assessment Sign Language and cued language
Developmental intervention Social Emotional development
Fine motor and sensory development Teacher Consultant services for hearing impairments
Gross motor development Teacher Consultant services for visually impairments

To find additional information and resources for families, visit the Early On® Michigan website.