Career and Technical Education Services


The Career Technical Education (CTE) department's services include:

  • Analyzing and publicizing CTE statistics
  • Analyzing information on occupations, labor markets, Career Pathways, and Occupational Safety and Health
  • Providing technical assistance, consulting, and oversight to provide quality CTE programs in local school districts and the Genesee Career Institute (GCI)
  • Coordinating academic/career contextual learning activities
  • Coordinating a countywide Career Planning Model and a web-based Educational Development Plan (EDP)
  • Coordinating activities in student career assessment, community college articulation, legislative activities, gender equity programs, and career preparation transition programs for special populations
  • Coordinating annual countywide recognition of outstanding CTE students from local and regional programs
  • Coordinating curriculum development to align CTE programs to national skills standards, Michigan Merit Curriculum, and post-secondary CTE programs
  • Coordinating local CTE leadership, support, and administration through the CTE Subcommittee
  • Coordinating scholarship programs for Genesee and Shiawassee County youth
  • Creating and maintaining partnerships with community organizations that provide resources to promote gender equity, summer youth career planning, and entrepreneurship programs
  • Financially supporting shared-time CTE administrators
  • Leading and supporting the Educational Advisory Group (EAG), subcommittee of the Workforce Development Board
  • Preparing and monitoring state MEGS CTEIS reports/grants
  • Promoting statewide CTE leadership awards and career technical education, including career preparation, tech prep, and career development
  • Providing countywide professional development for CTE staff

For More Information

For more information about CTE services, please call (810) 591-4446.