Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Course

Skills to Earn CNA CourseAbout this Course

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work in a variety of health care settings. A typical shift involves the execution of a wide range of responsibilities. Due to their close contact with patients or residents, CNAs also act as the eyes and ears for doctors and nurses and report concerns to their supervisors.

In this course, participants will learn to measure and record vital signs and assist patients with personal hygiene, such as bathing, brushing their teeth, showering, and dressing. Infection control measures will also be taught, in addition to all aspects of this patient-centered profession, such as recording food and beverage intake and output, answering call lights, administering or helping with treatments, moving patients, sanitizing equipment, and cleaning rooms.

Course Schedule

This course will run for 80 hours with 64 hours of classroom time and 16 hours of clinical placement. Students completing this course will be prepared to complete the CNA Nursing written and clinical state certification. The course will be offered on Monday and Wednesday from 3:45-7:45pm.