Office of the Superintendent


Genesee Intermediate School District's (GISD) Office of the Superintendent provides dynamic leadership and timely assistance to local districts in many ways. Services include:

  • Conducts goal setting/strategic planning workshops for school administrators and boards of education
  • Conducts school leadership workshops
  • Conducts customer service satisfaction workshops
  • Provides legal assistance on school matters
  • Provides technical assistance on school administration
  • Provides technical assistance on Computerized Board Evaluation and Superintendent Evaluation Systems
  • Supports implementation of shared services programs
  • Supports the electronic board meeting system developed by Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Maintains support for Genesee County Association of School Board Members and Superintendents Association
  • Provides technical assistance in board policy development
  • Maintains liaison with the Michigan Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education
  • Represents Genesee County school districts as a member of various boards and associations
  • Serves as the liaison with community agencies
  • Participates in superintendent search processes
  • Provides support to community agencies that are linked to education in Genesee County

The Office of the Superintendent is also responsible for administering the policies and operating procedures implemented by the GISD Board of Education.

For More Information

The Superintendent and all GISD staff strive to meet local district needs by providing quality programs and services. For information or assistance, please call Steven Tunnicliff, Ph.D., Superintendent, at (810) 591-4402.