Communications and Development

Service Areas and Goals

The three service components provided by Communications and Development for local school districts are legislative relations, communications, and fund development. The Communications and Development team provides leadership and assistance in each of these areas with the goal of improving public perception and support of education in Genesee County.

Legislative Services

Communications and Development staff members provide several legislative services including:

  • Assisting educators, professional associations, and community representatives with creating and advancing legislation that supports public school programs and services
  • Establishing legislative contacts and serving as federal and state legislative liaisons on behalf of local districts
  • Providing direct counsel to superintendents and administrators on legislative issues
  • Serving as a resource on educational funding and legislative issues

For the current listing of state and federal legislators and their alignment with local school districts boundaries, see the Legislative Directory.

Communications Services

Communications services provided by Communications and Development staff members include:

  • Assisting local districts and GISD with school-community relations, marketing, long-range planning, goal development, and media relations
  • Coordinating media relations for GISD and establishing methods to improve countywide coverage of school issues, activities, and programs
  • Providing consultation and services in graphic design, publication design, photography, printing, presentations, and promotions for local districts, community partners, and GISD

Fund Development Services

Fund development services provided by Communications and Development include:

  • Providing grant writing assistance for K-16 and education partners, and initiating community educational programs and collaborative projects
  • Seeking longitudinal funding support for major educational initiatives
  • Analyzing available grants and funding sources to help educators access external financial support

Additional Information

In addition to offering Shared Communications Services to schools and units of government, the Communications and Development department also coordinates district events and produces communications in various formats that are distributed to local school district educators and GISD staff. The department also maintains comprehensive libraries of resource materials and Internet directories pertaining to federal and state legislation, grant opportunities, school-community relations, and publication design.

These GISD services are also operated by Communications and Development:

  • GISD Print Services

For more information, please contact the Communications and Development Department at (810) 591-4541.