Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Opportunities for Student Entrepreneurs!

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Start a small business! For students in grades 9-12 with images of teens and a dollar sign.The Genesee Intermediate School District Youth Entrepreneurship (YE) program provides students opportunities to learn about and develop an entrepreneurial mindset and how to establish and operate a small business. The YE program is open to all Genesee County high school students in grades 9-12. They participate through their school’s club. If a club has yet to be formed, access is still provided to all students through the Genesee Career Institute.

The YE program includes:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Clubs for students led by professionally trained advisors

  • Nationally recognized youth entrepreneurship curriculum

  • Local and countywide student competitions with cash prizes

  • Professional speakers (including young entrepreneurs)

  • Mentoring and coaching from experienced business leaders

  • Problem solving and idea creation workshops

  • Opportunity to compete at the collegiate and national levels and win prizes

  • Opportunities for students to sell their products and services in various venues

  • Resources and support for product development from entrepreneurial partners

  • Expedition field trips for students to tour local businesses, network with entrepreneurs and use maker spaces

For more information, contact the Genesee Intermediate School District Youth Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Kim Dehmel, at (810) 591-4561.

Club Advisors

Find contact information for Genesee County High School YE Club Advisors here.