Programs Supported by the GCEF

Before and After School Programs

Before and After School Programs is a partnership between Genesee ISD and several Genesee County schools. This adaptive youth development model reinforces the fundamentals learned during the school day by providing fun and creative learning experiences after school. Program activities are based on five focus areas: arts and culture; fitness and nutrition; academics; STEM; and leadership development. Expanded learning opportunities are available to students in grades K-12. The Genesee County Educational Foundation supports Before and After School programs with educational materials and assistance in facilitating programs.

Blueberry Ambassadors Program

The start of the school year also means the return of the Blueberry Ambassadors Program. Founded by Phil Shaltz in 2014, with a "pay-it-forward" philosophy, the Blueberry program enlists young people in the community to perform random acts of kindness. The program teaches the most important lessons in life - how to be good, caring, active participants in our community and what kind of impact a single kind deed can have.

Genesee Early College

Genesee Early College (GEC) is an intensive, 5-year school combining the best elements of the high school and early university experiences. GEC serves students who are interested in pursuing academic or professional careers in a health-related profession. Students attend school on the campus of The University of Michigan - Flint. Upon demonstrating proficiency in specific areas, students enroll in college courses for college credit. Successful students will graduate at the end of their fifth year with a high school diploma as well as up to 60 transferable credits towards their college degree. No tuition required. The Genesee County Educational Foundation supports GEC students through scholarships to continue post-secondary education.

Harold Scoville Scholarship

The Harold Scoville Fund provides scholarships and financial support to qualified Career Technical Education students to continue their education, support their career path and work-based learning options, provide financial assistance to support participation in CTE competitions, and support for CTE programmatic areas. Harold "Hal" Scoville was employed by Genesee ISD as the administrative vocational director. His service impacted career technical education students from several schools in the area. The scholarship program honors his service to career and technical education.

Ligon Outdoor Center

Ligon Outdoor Center is unique in its mission for today and vision for the future. Located in the northeast corner of Genesee County, Michigan, Ligon offers 268 acres of pristine nature, over six miles of hiking trails, and a multitude of educational opportunities for students and teachers. Ligon is the perfect "out of classroom" learning environment with activities that integrate the sciences with social studies, mathematics, and language arts as well as numerous team building activities. Ligon offers teachers and students opportunities to observe, interact with, and investigate the natural world. The Genesee County Educational Foundation supports the mission of Ligon Outdoor Center by providing transportation assistance to schools visiting Ligon, materials and supplies for educational programming, and facilitators for educational programs and team building activities.

Mott Middle College

Mott Middle College (MMC) high school is a general education program operated by Genesee ISD. Opened in 1991 on the campus of Mott Community College, MMC specializes in overlapping an Associate's Degree with a general education high school diploma. Mott Middle College represents a fundamental rethinking of education and continues to break barriers by providing students the opportunity to take courses on a college campus as well as participate in theater, music, and leadership activities. The Genesee County Educational Foundation supports MMC students through scholarships to continue post-secondary education.

SKIP to a Great Start

SKIP to a Great Start is the only free Early Childhood Program in Genesee County with no income requirements or restrictions for enrollment. SKIP is available to all Genesee County families with children prenatal through kindergarten entry and provides monthly home visits using the evidence-based Parents as Teachers framework with an emphasis on supporting parents as their child's first teacher. SKIP partners with various community entities including the Great Start Parent Coalition and Genesee County's public school districts. This program provides parents with opportunities to network and gain access to additional resources.

Paul Yunker Scholarship

The Paul Yunker Scholarship was established in 2016 and is awarded annually to a high school swimmer or diver in Genesee County who fulfills the character and academic requirements. The scholarship fund honors the dedication and character of Paul Yunker - who played an active role in competitive swimming in Genesee County.

William H. Tunnicliff Memorial Scholarship

The William H. Tunnicliff Memorial Scholarship, established in 2020, provides support to students with autism at Flushing Community Schools.