Shared Transportation Services

GISD operates a transportation fleet that includes123 buses and vans that travel a total of nearly 2.5 million miles per year. Clearly, saving dollars has been essential for the ongoing stability of this operation. As a result, GISD has implemented GPS navigation and tracking systems that have helped account for equipment location and actual staff time on task. GISD has also explored bulk purchasing of fuel, implemented regional operation hubs throughout the county, and decentralized mechanical services, in addition to establishing a radio transmission system infrastructure for advanced safety, crisis management, and streamlined routing systems.

Available services

Because each organization’s needs are unique, GISD can bring its experience to the table to consult on best practices for cost savings, driver safety, equipment maintenance, monitoring systems, and fleet management.

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Contact GISD's Human Resources and Operations department at (810) 591-4432 to learn more about Shared Human Resources and Operations, or to request a quote for services.