SCECH Criteria and Registration Information

Several professional activities are eligible for awarding SCECHs. On behalf of all Genesee County educators, the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) has submitted the applications for these activities and received approval from the MDE.

General SCECH Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for eligibility requirements for professional activities:

  • Approved Professional Activities are eligible to receive 25 SCECHs if criteria are met and required documentation is provided.
  • SCECHs will be granted only once per granting period to an eligible applicant. For example, an educator can earn 25 SCECHs annually for Committee Participation. Educators cannot receive 25 SCECHs for every committee served on. Similarly, you may be awarded 25 SCECHs for mentoring, not 25 SCECHs for each person mentored.
  • Educators must respond and complete an online evaluation within 30 days of receiving the first email communication that their participation has been successfully uploaded to the Michigan Online Educator Certification Services (MOECS) site, in order to complete the SCECH process. If the evaluation is not completed within 30 days, the educator will forfeit the SCECHs.
  • Criteria documentation, along with a copy of the SCECH Verification Form, should remain on file at the building level or with the staff member.

Send completed forms with original signatures and required documentation to:
Melissa Fleury
Genesee Intermediate School District
2413 West Maple Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48507

Additional documents relative to SCECH programs are accessible at the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) website, which will answer many questions regarding SCECHs. certificate renewal, and will provide details on all currently approved offerings.

Contact Us

Questions concerning SCECH eligibility may be directed to Melissa Fleury at (810) 591-4408 or by email at mfleury@geneseeisd.org.