Professional Bus Driver

Man driving a commercial vehicleAbout this Course

This course will prepare the student with the knowledge and skills required to obtain the Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL) with an S and P endorsement; specifically, this would certify the completer to drive a school bus with passengers. Graduates of this course will be qualified to seek jobs at schools, public transportation, tour bus operators, and freight and package delivery companies. The course requires both classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

The Professional School Bus Driver Course is a 120-hour training course consisting of 12 chapters of study of the state rules and regulations of school bus driving. A minimum of 20 classroom hours is required by the Department of Education. The Behind-the-Wheel portion of the course consists of seven skill levels. The student must demonstrate proficiency at each skill level before testing by the CHP. The law requires a minimum of 20 hours of one-on-one training behind the wheel of a vehicle of the appropriate class to complete this portion of the course. Additional hours are offered to prepare the student to pass the written CDL/B examination. The student is also required to pass a first aid test.

Course Schedule

This program will be offered at Genesee Intermediate School District. GISD (Genesee Intermediate School District) utilizes an open enrollment system. Therefore, classes begin each month. Class hours vary depending upon the chosen course of study. Class schedules are given to each student upon entrance into the program. A student must be concurrently enrolled in an Adult Education program during their training.