Kalista MossKalista Moss

Grade 12
Teacher: Dr. Jill Klumpp
Program: Animal Health and Veterinary Science – Advanced Vet Med

I am delighted to recommend Ms. Kalista Moss as Genesee High School’s 2020 CTE Best of the Best CTE Student of the Year! Kalista has spent two years in the Animal Health and Vet Science Program. She has achieved and maintained a 4.0 CTE GPA both years and consistently help an overall GPA of 3.129 in her Genesee High School curriculum. Along with pursuing a college preparatory curriculum, Kalista has been on the volleyball team for 3 years, along with being the Volleyball Team Manager, and has been on the Softball Team for 2 years. Kalista has been an active member of the Advisory Council for our 21st Century Program, which provides before and after school programming for children whose family need this support. This year Kalista has been assisting with the Graduation Committee. Kalista plans to attend Mott Community College for two years and then transfer to Michigan State University to pursue training as a Veterinarian.