Public Education in Genesee County

Public Education Genesee County

The public school districts of Genesee County are proud to provide education and services to over 64,000 students. Every day, 8,500 educators strive to help all students accomplish learning goals, be involved citizens in their communities, and participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities that help them grow as individuals.

Genesee County's public school districts take pride in striving to demonstrate excellence within the following critical elements that represent a high-quality education system. These aspects are what keeps students and families coming back to their hometown schools:

  1. Focus on student achievement.
  2. Maintain high academic standards.
  3. Employ leaders who put students first.
  4. Emphasize communication and collaboration.
  5. Provide curriculum aligned to standards.
  6. Offer extracurricular and support services.
  7. Provide health and safety support for students.
  8. Offer advanced placement curriculum.
  9. Encourage family and community involvement.
  10. Have championship sports teams.
  11. Have award-winning fine arts programs.
  12. Are committed to fiscal responsibility.
  13. Use robust technology in classrooms.
  14. Prepare students for a global economy